Online RSS Readers For Content Lovers

If you’re a content lover and you regularly read a variety of content from numerous websites and blogs, you may be interested in finding an easier way to organize your content! RSS readers are great for creating a single place to access all your favorite content. This also allows for you to have access to a site’s content when and where you want it, without having to subscribe to a blog account, visit a website, and/or receive emails.

On The Brothers that just do Gutters blog, we have a ton of content, a lot of which answers common client questions and addresses maintenance and seasonal gutter and home needs. You may find our content extremely helpful and you may enjoy reading our blog, but having to visit our website to find blogs and/or signing up for our blog may not be of interest to you. By using RSS readers, you can add our blog to your custom reader feed so that you can access it how, when, and where you want.

All you need to do is choose an RSS reader that best fits your style and preferences. From there, the reader will automatically pull recently updated posts from your favorite sites, allowing you to read each site’s content directly in the reader.

Here are some popular RSS reader choices:

  1. Feedly
  2. Digg Reader
  3. Newsblur
  4. Inoreader
  5. The Old Reader
  6. G2Reader
  7. Feeder

Several of these readers have a mobile app available as well, making it easy to read on the go. To add our feed to your reader of choice, either click on the RSS icon in the footer of our website and copy the URL, or type “” into the URL settings. For help with setting up or choosing a feed reader, click HERE.

If you prefer to receive updates regularly by subscribing to our blog you can do that HERE!

Here are just some examples of content topics included in our Brothers Gutters blog:

At The Brothers that just do Gutters, education is extremely important to us and we hope that our blogs help homeowners to find answers to their questions! For interesting, useful, and educational information on your home, and your gutters, you can choose to add us to your RSS reader or subscribe to our blog today!