Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Subcontractor Installers

For many in the industry dealing with a subcontractor is inevitable. However there are many pro’s and con’s to using a subcontractor. When work volumes surge, or when you simply have a project you don’t have the skillset for, hiring subcontractors is one path you may consider. But before hiring a subcontractor its important to know all the potential issues that can arise. To help, Remodeling Magazine has compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts for managing a subcontractor. Check out quotes and tips from our very own Ryan Parsons, Chief Solutionist at The Brothers that just do Gutters.

“Subcontractor installers can be your best friend or your most recent nightmare. It’s all in the expectations set and the manner in which you follow through. Some do’s and don’ts from company owners and industry experts:

A big thanks to Remodeling Magazines Jim Cory for writing this article! All contractors, general contractors, and remodelers should know this information before hiring a subcontractor.