Underground Drains for Gutters

We recently had a client that wanted their downspouts to extend about 5-10 feet from their home. While that is definitely something we can do, it is not always the best solution. If you need to get the water that far away from your foundation, you should consider underground drains. An aluminum downspout is made specifically for vertical installation, secured tightly to the siding of a home. They are not designed to go long distances on a horizontal plane. When a downspout exceeds 2-3 feet along the ground it is often damaged by snowfall, landscaping, mowing, plowing, kids… Many of our clients choose to bring their leader pipes underground to a pvc pipe that runs underground to a lower grade of land where the water flows to a safe area, where no damage can be done to the home or landscaping. When running underground drains we refer to our longtime friend and excavator, Russell Brigante of R. Brigante Excavating. We have worked on many projects and our gutter expertise combined with his excavation knowledge is the perfect solution for our clients getting the water far away from their home in an aesthetically pleasing way.

PVC Pipe
4″ PVC Pipe is Typically Used