Water In Basement Can Be A Result of Faulty Gutters

We service a lot of clients that have water in their basement. Many times they think they will need a B-Dry System or some other type of basement water-proofing system. While these products are great and work well, they are not always necessary and can be very expensive. What we suggest when having water in the basement is first taking a look at the gutter system. We have found that water in the basement is commonly a direct result of having clogged gutters, improperly pitched gutters or undersized gutters. Another factor contributing to flooded basements are when the downspouts are not carried far enough away from the home. This problem can be solved by having underground drains installed.

Gutters can be the cause of a flooded basement

The best and most comprehensive solution we can offer clients that are prone to basement flooding is new oversized 6″ gutters and oversized 3×4″ leaders with Leaf Solution Gutter Protection, as well as underground drains that carry the water away from the home. When a client has all three of these products/services on their home they can factor out the cause of a wet basement from the gutter system or roof runoff.

At this point if they are still experiencing water in their basement they may have to contact B-Dry for a more extensive basement solution. Another contributing factor is often the grade of the land. The landscape should grade away from the home and not towards the home. This problem can be solved by a good excavator. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or give us a call.