6″ Oversized Seamless Gutters

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6″ Oversized Seamless Gutters

When installing gutter systems on large office buildings, commercial buildings and houses with large volumes of water, 6″ gutters are the best solution. 6″ gutters can handle approximately 40% more volume than a standard 5″ seamless gutter system. When installing 6″ gutters, 3×4″ oversized down spouts are used as well, allowing more water and debris to flow freely through the system. Our gutters are available in 24 colors and we can often match colors outside of our regular swatch if needed.

We have seen an incredible increase in our 6″ seamless gutter installs over the last few years. Even on straight ranch, cape and clonial homes we have encountered many homeowners that want the larger sized 6″ gutters because even when their gutters are clean, the smaller 5″ seamless gutters overflow.

6″ Oversized Gutters are not only used on “commercial buildings”, but very often are used in residential settings.

6″ gutters may be used in the following residential circumstances:

  • Gutter lengths over 40’ that cannot have 2 downspouts
  • Lower gutters that have upper gutters draining into them
  • Long runs over 60’
  • Rooflines with tremendous amounts of water concentrating to a small portion of gutter.
  • Inside valleys where the water is flowing at great speed, and typically overflows during heavy rains.


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