Materials: Our Standard Aluminum Gutters

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Aluminum is an industry standard in seamless gutters and used in most of the Brothers That Just Do Gutters gutter installations. Aluminum gutters are reliable, consistent, and very inexpensive. While the grade and thickness varies between manufacturers, aluminum is the staple by which all the other gutter materials are gauged. But why is aluminum the most common gutter material on the market? And what makes our aluminum hold up to the industry standard?

About Our Aluminum Gutters

The aluminum we use has a thickness of .032. This is the standard for commercial projects and is thicker than the .027 standard for residential. We use the commercial grade thickness for both commercial and residential jobs. This is to ensure that the gutter system we install is going to last as long as possible. The thickness of our 5″ aluminum gutters as well as our 6″ is the .032 gauge. All of our aluminum downspouts have a thickness of .019. Downspouts tend to be thinner than the rest of the gutter system because the downspouts are not supporting any weight. The water flows through the outlet of the gutters supporting the weight of shedding rain water and down the downspout, so it doesn’t need to be as thick as the rest of the system.

What Type of Aluminum Do We Use?

When it comes to aluminum gutters, there are only primary aluminum and secondary aluminum. We only use primary aluminum for our gutter systems. The process  is different. Secondary aluminum uses recycled metal. It maintains virtually the same physical properties as primary aluminum, however primary aluminum is just slightly more uniform and consistent throughout. Secondary aluminum can be made in various ways and is not necessarily worse than primary. Some of the homeowners prefer a primary aluminum just as we prefer the reliance of primary aluminum. With the proper maintenance, an aluminum gutter system can last from twenty-five to thirty years.

aluminum guttersColor Gutters

All of our aluminum gutters are painted. Even our standard gutters are white. The reason for this is not usually just one uniform color and it would be much harder to make a gutter that was aesthetically pleasing to most homeowners without painting them. The standard is baking the paint finish into the metal verse spraying it on. This is to ensure that it will resist chipping, peeling, flaking, and normal weather conditions. Our aluminum gutters are available in almost twenty different colors! We try to have many options in color to make sure that we can match any home aesthetic that a client can throw at us. Head to our Colored Gutter page on our website for more information.

We have more material blogs on the other materials such as copper that we use in various jobs. If you can’t wait to learn more about the other materials we use head to our Specialty Gutters page on our website. Or even better yet, contact our Solutionist for a free estimate to get your project started.