Talk Value-How Much Do Gutters Cost?

The Cost and Value of Gutters vary significantly. How much do gutters cost exactly? Is there a difference between price and value and how does it relate to the cost of new gutters? Cost is the perception of the value received at a price paid. Let me share an example with you.

What is Value?

My boss Ryan recently had to purchase a new bulb for the projector in his movie room. A new bulb normally costs a few hundred dollars. He decided to check the internet and see if he could possibly find it for less. Of course he was able to find it on Amazon and it was only $50! He was torn; $50 was a great price but, what if it didn’t work. You know the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. He decided to try it, what’s $50?

When the bulb came, Ryan felt great. It looked almost exactly like the old bulb.He plugged it in and it worked! How great was it that he just saved over $250 dollars!  About 5 hours later halfway through a movie the bulb blew up.

how much do gutters cost lightbulb

Talk about shattered expectations. Now he knew exactly why it cost him only $50. Luckily for Ryan it didn’t damage the projector and cost him more money in the long run, but he was still out the fifty dollars plus the cost of a new bulb.

Gutter Cost Thinking

When people need to replace their gutters, the first thought that most frequently comes to mind is how much its going to cost. Most people have a budget in mind on what they want to spend, and they will go out and call several companies for an estimate. Once they have these estimates they start making the hard decision of who to go with.

You need to consider who is giving you the best value for your money.

There will always be a company that is the least expensive and on paper they might look almost exactly like us. But are you getting the same value for your money?  When the gutters are installed on your house they might look almost exactly like gutters we would install, but are they?  What factors contribute to value? These are all parts of the value you receive from us. 

Sure the guy with the truck can come out the same day you called to give you an estimate, but why isn’t he busy that day? Yes his estimate might be cheaper, but who is he hiring to do your installation?  Does his crew have years of experience? Has he invested time training them on the best ways to install gutters?  Is the crew OSHA certified?  How about insurance – does he maintain the proper coverage to protect you if there was an accident?  What quality of material does he use? If someone put a lower quality gutter on your house, you might not be able to tell right away when you look at it however, when the gutters fail prematurely you will absolutely notice the difference.  Do the gutters come with a warranty?  If there are problems how does the company address them?

How Much Do Gutters Cost?

When it comes to your home, please consider value carefully before you decide to work with a contractor who offers the lowest price.  Although the price of new gutters is always an important consideration, not doing the job right the first time is always more expensive in the long run. Having gutters installed that don’t work properly is never the best option. The cost of replacing your gutters is more than just appearances, it is also the functional role they play in protecting your home from water damage. 

Our crew leaders have an average of 5-10 years of experience installing gutters and they are OSHA certified. They are trained weekly. We also maintain full insurance coverage and we will be happy to provide you with proof of insurance at your request. The aluminum gutters we install is .032 gauge.  After years of experience working with different guards we have chosen One Gutter Guard and Microguard which we feel are the best guards on the market.

We don’t shy away from the question of- how much do gutters cost? If you are considering replacing your gutters please give us a call and see for yourself the service and value we provide.  If having your job done right the first time is important to you The Brothers that just do Gutters is the right company for you.