How to Make A Rain Barrel for Rainwater Collection

Let’s look at how to make a rain barrel. Most of the times, rain barrels are used to collect rain water for common purposes such as watering a garden or a lawn. The water can be used to replenish the supply of water in a Koi pond, a water fountain, an underground filtered supply and more.

When it comes to rain barrels, the immediate image is a picture of a typical barrel maybe wooden or plastic that is used for watering the garden, lawn or plants. Allowing your imagination to take control can open up creative avenues that results in ideas that would otherwise pass us by.

It is difficult to explain in words the ideas that can be furnished from rain water collection.  Just some questions that I pondered as I looked into rain barrels: What if rain barrels were more than a barrel? Can they be customized? What collection methods can be used? What are all my possibilities?

How To Make A Rain Barrel?

While being environmentally sound, you can also incorporate design ideas into your project.

Here a custom rain barrel dispenses rain water into a custom rain gutter to water the garden beneath it.
Here a custom spigot attaches to a downspout and then flows into a custom rain barrel.
Several rain chains together create a unique look. The concrete rain barrel is a system of filters that leads to an underground storage.
The rain barrel in this photo blends with the surrounding landscape.
The rain chain in this photo goes directly into the pool of water. Instead of feeding into a rain barrel and then into the pool, it just collects in the pool.
Rain water flows into a fountain such as this one.
Here the rain water collects in a pool next to the house. I have even seen a pool like this one that contain fish.

Get out there and collect some ideas of your own. We at the Brothers Gutters would love to see your ideas and projects you are taking on. You can always find us on Facebook or google+. We hope to see you there.