Is your heated gutter system turned on?

Is your heated gutter system turned on? After steady record-breaking high temperatures, we’re finally beginning to experience some winter weather conditions, with recent temperatures reaching significantly below freezing. These low temperatures have caused some ice accumulation making it essential that you now turn on your heated gutter system so it can begin to defrost your iced-over guards and do its job.

Remember, the heat cable installed with your heated gutter system is self-regulating. This means when it is turned on it will automatically adjust intensity based on the atmosphere and weather conditions. The power will increase as temperature decreases and/or in the presence of ice or snowfall. It will decrease heat output as the temperature rises, using less power. To see more on the cost to run your heated gutter system click HERE.

The heated gutter system is designed to combat ice damming and the freezing of your gutter system, and ice buildup at your roof’s edge. Ice damming and the buildup of ice on your gutter system can cause damage to both your gutter system and your home. The added weight of this ice has serious potential to pull down your gutter system, which could also cause damage to anything below them. Without a properly functioning gutter system, there is also a higher potential for water buildup and accumulation near your home’s foundation. Also, because downspouts are made with a lower gauge and/or thinner material, they can split when there is too much ice buildup.

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