Rainwater Collection System With Your Gutters

As our environment continues to be negatively affected by issues like climate change and pollution, general concern for dwindling clean water resources is high. Because of this, using a rainwater collection system is not only a popular option, but also an important one. Capturing and harvesting rainwater is a partial solution for high water demand, and it begins with your gutter system.

Wood or whiskey rain barrels are a very popular and aesthetically pleasing choice for rain harvesting systems. However, there are plenty of DIY rain harvesting systems that use garbage cans, plastic bins, etc. Rain barrels provide an alternative to using municipal water or well water.

Installation plans:

Connecting Rain Barrel to Downspout

When connecting your rain barrel to your downspout, doing this correctly is very important. Things to consider:

Gutters and Rainwater Collection System

Things to consider with your gutters when it comes to your rainwater collection system:

how to make a rain barrel

Caution – Rainwater Collection System in Barrel is untreated

Best uses for your harvested water

Why harvest water?

In addition, rainwater collection systems can also be installed underground if a barrel is not of interest to you. An underground drainage system allows for a cleaner look, and a larger water storing capacity. Being environmentally conscious and practicing sustainability is key in guaranteeing that we have resources that we need to survive. Your gutters are already flowing water away from your home into your downspout, with an easy connection and barrel, you can collect this water for all of the above uses and more! Need help connecting your rainwater collection barrel to your downspout? The Brothers that just do Gutters can help!

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