Spiked gutter system vs. hidden hanger system

People often ask us how to know if they need new gutters. We’ve found that if your home currently has a spiked gutter system, it is likely at least 10-20 years old. This may be an indication that you need a replacement installation.

Properly maintained aluminum gutters can last up to 30 years. Although hidden hangers are stronger than spikes, and typically last longer.

Here are some more advantages to using the more current and common hidden hanger method.

Gutter Hangers:

  1. Create a clean “hidden” look. The hanger is hidden within the gutter. This gives it a much cleaner, and aesthetically pleasing look as compared to the very visible spike.
  2. Security and strength. The bracket and screw design of a hidden hanger provide more security. The hanging gutter is fastened to the fascia board. Because it is more secure, it can outlast a spiked system. Hidden hangers cope better with the give-and-take expansion of atmosphere changes, heat, and obstacles. This security also provides more strength. They can handle more weight than spikes, which is particularly important during the winter months. Especially as we begin to experience snow and ice.
  3. Not phased by expanding aluminum. During weather changes and certain atmospheric conditions, aluminum will expand and contract. If your gutters are hung by a spike, they will begin to pull out of, and away from the fascia board. This can allow water to flow in between the gutter system and the fascia board, and create the potential for the gutter system to come down. With a better design and security, hidden hangers, do not move or pull away when aluminum contracts.
  4. Not as time-consuming. Since spikes have to be hammered into the fascia, it takes more time and care to install while avoiding the gutter from getting bent. Also, if the fascia is too hard, it may cause the spike to bend.
  5. Easier to repair. Once the spikes are in, it is nearly impossible to repair or re-pitch it without damage, as removing spikes is typically done by using a crowbar on the gutter to pry the spikes out.

In Conclusion: Hidden Hangers Win

Since gutter spikes are the “old school way” of installing and do not last as long as hidden hangers, it may be on its last leg if you have a spiked gutter system. Updating to a new system with hidden hangers can extend the lifespan of your gutter system up to another 30 years, while also improving its aesthetic appeal. If you are ready to have a new gutter system installed, contact The Brothers that just do Gutters today!