Price Difference: 5 inch and 6 inch gutters

No two homes are exactly the same, and therefore, no two gutter situations are either. Because of this, when we talk about the cost of gutters, we usually talk in terms of averages. On average, for 6” aluminum gutters, the cost per foot is about 50 cents to 1 dollar higher than the cost of 5”. That being said, it seems like common sense and math to simply say that 6” aluminum gutters will cost more. However, this is not always the case.

Price Guide: Example A – Raised Ranch Home

Let’s compare some numbers using a typical raised ranch home with a 50-foot gutter run. If you were to install 5” gutters on this home, it is recommended to have 2 downspouts (this is typically recommended for 5” systems on a gutter run that is 40” or more). Each downspout is about 15 feet. On average, 5” aluminum gutter cost $8-$8.50 per foot installed.

5” gutter system with 2 downspouts:

Feet = 15 x 2 (downspouts) = 30 + 50 (gutter run feet) = 80ft

Cost of gutters = 80 x 8.5 = $680

In this same situation, if you were to install 6” aluminum gutters, you could eliminate one of these downspouts. That means you are installing 15 feet less. Let’s say the 6” gutter costs 50 cents more than the 5”.

6” gutter system with 1 downspout:

Feet = 15 (downspout) + 50 (gutter run feet) = 65ft

Cost of gutters = 65 x 9 = $585

As you can see, in this particular situation, by installing a 6” gutter system, you’re actually saving about $100. This is the case because by eliminating a downspout, the total footage decreased. So, while the 6” may be more per foot, it actually could save you money on the total job because of its increased capabilities.

Downspout Installation

It is important to note here, that when installing a 6” gutter system, you must also install 3×4 oversized downspout(s), hence, why the additional 15ft for the downspout in the 6” scenario is also calculated at $9/foot. If you have 6” gutters installed with a regular sized downspout, clogs will be more likely, as the exit hole and downspout are not large enough to accurately handle the increased speed and volume of water channeling to it. This is just one example.

The number of downspouts you need, as well as the size of gutters that best suit your home depend on a number of factors including:

How Much Does a Gutter Hold?

6” gutter systems have the capability to handle 40% more volume than a standard 5” system. With shifts in weather patterns contributing to more significant downpours, and for extended periods of time, we have seen the demand and need for 6” gutters considerably increase. So much so that, for us, 6” gutter installs are really the new standard. Sometimes a contractor will try to sell 5″ gutters because that is currently what your home has on it, or because they do not offer 6″, but that does not always mean that 5″ is the best solution. For more on this, see our blog Unique Solutions For Your Home.

When it comes to the cost of gutters question, “are 6” gutters more expensive than 5” gutters?” the answer will vary per unique situation and solution. But, it is important to remember that some of these contributing variables may actually lead to a cheaper final project cost with 6” gutters. Just because 6” gutters may cost more per foot, that does not mean that the entire project will necessarily cost more than a 5” install. Because of this, it is important to receive a comprehensive estimate on your home for the cost of gutters for 6” before automatically assuming they will be much more than 5”. If the cost for 6” gutters is about the same, or maybe even less than 5” and it will eliminate gutter overflow problems, it’s a no brainer, right?

The Best Option

Your Solutionist will be sure to recommend the solution that they feel is best for your unique home. If your home is displaying “clues” that your gutters are too small, we will recommend a 6” solution that will better handle your water shed AND it may even save you money! A heated option may be a good choice to add to your system if you live in colder climates. Contact The Brothers today for your free comprehensive estimate!