Category: DIY Gutter Projects

Rainwater Collection System With Your Gutters

As our environment continues to be negatively affected by issues like climate change and pollution, general concern for dwindling clean water resources is high. Because of this, using a rainwater collection system is not only a popular option, but also […]

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Faux Copper: How to?

Most often when it comes to your home, copper use as an accent item for d├ęcor is trending. For example, statues, planters, lighting fixtures, art pieces, and exterior accent pieces (most commonly, your gutter system). If you love the look […]

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Gutter Book Shelves & Other Gutter Projects

Many of us tend to think of gutters as basic necessities for the home, nothing crafty or unique, just basic. Creativity is hardly the first impressions we get when we think of gutters, but for these homeowners creativity knows no […]

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